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Allow us to introduce dce

We come with tertiary qualifications and experience in events, sponsorship, marketing, graphic design, public relations, business management and communications.

Meet Danielle & Alexandra



dce will safeguard the interest and privacy of all clients; undertake all sponsorship and fundraising activities with integrity and honesty; and demonstrate concern for the wellbeing and interests affected by our operations.


dce will avoid any activity that might result in professional misconduct; will not conflict with any fiduciary, ethical and legal obligations of contracted organisations or clients; and represent ourselves accurately and honestly.


ThinkPlace Global

"Danielle Cleary has been an absolute pleasure to work with in coordinating a number of our team events.  From briefing, to vendor coordination, to attending and ensuring everything ran smoothly, every detail was handled seamlessly.  Danielle has been continuously intuitive in understanding our vision and needs, helping us deliver events in an exciting but also realistic way, remained flexible to changing circumstances and ultimately delivered the highest quality outcomes.  

Josh Ingatavicius, Workplace Experience CoOrdinator, ThinkPlace Global

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