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Danielle Cleary Events will:

  • undertake all fundraising and sponsorship activities with integrity and honesty;

  • safeguard the interest and privacy of all clients;

  • demonstrate concern for the wellbeing and interests of individuals affected by DC Event activities; and

  • be aware of and adhere to the Code of Conduct of participating/contracted organisations.



Danielle Cleary Events will:

  • avoid any activity that might result in criminal activity or professional misconduct;

  • will not engage in activity that will conflict with any fiduciary, ethical and legal obligations of contracted organisations or clients;

  • comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws;

  • recognise DC Events individual boundaries or competence and represent DC Events achievements accurately and honestly;

  • establish the nature and purpose ofany contractual relationship honestly and without misrepresentation; and

  • be available to participating/contracted organisations, individuals or clients before during and after the event.



Danielle Cleary Events will:

  • ensure that all solicitation and communication material is accurate and correctly reflects the fundraising organisations mission and use of solicited funds;

  • ensure that all donors receive informed and accurate advice about the value and tax implications of contributions;

  • ensure that all contributions are used in accordance with the donor’s intentions;

  • ensure the appropriate stewardship of all donor funds raised and accurately receipt andaccount for all donorfunds; and

  • obtain consent from donors before altering the conditions of any agreed transaction.



Danielle Cleary Events will:

  • inform the donor of the organisations mission and the intended use of the donated/sponsored funds;

  • provide the donor with the appropriate recognition andacknowledgment;

  • inform the donor of the relationship between the individual seeking donations and the organisation for whom the funds are being raised;

  • respond promptly and accurately to any questions; and

  • ensure that donor gifts are used for the purpose for which they are given and if any change is warranted, ask for and gain donor permission before any change is made to this purpose.



Danielle Cleary Events will:

  • not disclose privileged, Commercial-in Confidence or otherwise confidential information to unauthorised parties;

  • protect the confidentiality of any privileged information relating to the client/provider relationship; and

  • will not sell or disclose any client or organisation lists to other organisations for commercial purposes.

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