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Our Services...

'We can't express how much we're impressed with each and every opportunity we have to work with them.' 

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Danielle Cleary Events conceives great ideas, implements them with precision and captures the attention of our target audience through strategic, well planned events. We are renowned for creating and implementing dynamic events whether it be to announce a new collaboration, launch a product or raise funds and awareness for a not-for-profit.

Danielle Cleary Events will cover every aspect of your event; just leave everything to us. We collaborate with the best in event resourcing to ensure the perfect venue, styling, production requirements, staging, theming, and catering.

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The shift from traditional to online and social media has made it so important for brands to activate on Facebook and Instagram.  Danielle Cleary Events can give you the most effective strategy behind any social media campaign and ensure content is consistent with your brand and exposure is through the right channels. 


We have the right contacts with online influencers including food, fitness, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and social media stars. We can develop a tailored social media campaign to suit your brand. We also create content for your brand’s social media platforms to increase followers and engagement.

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Over the past 12 months Danielle Cleary Events has raised more than $80,000 for our clients through our sponsorship management and alignment skills. Our events consider corporate and sponsorship alignments, unique guest experiences and media strategies to support awareness and cause raising.

Danielle Cleary Events expertly unites product and brand direction to enhance, promote and develop brands and causes. We have aligned BMW and CUE with AFP Legacy Fundraising campaigns, MYER and Perri Cutten with Spring Fashion Racing Events, as well as many local businesses to community events. 

Brand Activation is the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. In simple terms, the key aim of these sorts of campaigns is to get consumers to act. It’s about bringing brands to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections.

Attaining a personal touch through traditional advertising is difficult with consumers today being bombarded daily with digital and printed advertisements. Danielle Cleary Events is about real conversations and meaningful impressions you can count. On the surface, it looks like face to face marketing strategies produce smaller numbers, but our focus is about quality not quantity.

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Phil Preston, Red Robot Industries, Director
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